Species We Breed

Bill's macaws       

I raise a very small number of macaws every year. As much as I need to sell the babies, to continue to keep my passion paid for, I focus on finding good homes and good people to provide and care for the birds I sell. Only people with a big heart and a good sense of humor should inquire about the babies for sale.

Macaw Fact

Many of the macaw species we love are in danger of becoming extinct; lost forever in their native lands. This is mostly due to habitat loss; farming and tree cutting in the jungles and flatlands where they breed and forage for food. Because macaws have been such a big part of my life I have taken a great interest in the organizations working with the macaws in their natural habitat. The Ara project in Costa Rica have been successful in breeding and releasing both the scarlet and buffons macaws. Asociation Armonia is working with the Bolivian government and local farmers to protect the red fronted and blue throated macaws. In Peru the tambopata reaserch center is working with the Scarlet, blue and gold, and green winged macaws by providing protected forest and artificial nests that the macaws can use for breeding. Breeders here in the United states are preserving all these species by continually producing new babies that are sold as pets and future breeders. All of my breeding macaws were pets at one time. I believe in breeding for future generations... we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy these magnificent animals and should protect our rights to do so. As of 1992 there are no macaws coming into the U.S. legally, so what we have now, is what we have to work with. Keeping these magnificent animals has absolutely no affect on wild populations- even smuggling has declined. I have not seen a wild caught bird in 15 years and I frequently search for unwanted or second hand birds.