Greenwing Macaw (Ara-chloroptera)  Scientific name

Healthy weight :  adults weigh between 2.5-3.5 lbs.

Average length :  from tip of the tail to top of the head about 3 ft.

Wingspan :  3 and a half to four feet in length.

(This is a large parrot with large cage and play area requirements) 


The proper name is Greenwinged Macaw but almost nobody uses it anymore. This macaw has become much more popular both with breeders and pet owners. People keeping them are finding out about their very sweet gentle nature. The beak, which appears all white when they are babies, and a combination of white upper and black lower as adults, can be very intimidating. Indeed the Greenwing Macaw has a very strong beak capable of opening the hardest nuts, even Macadamia nuts! 

The name green-wing doesn't really fit this predominantly red macaw but that is what we're stuck with. The name comes from a large patch of green feathers on the middle of each wing. The green on the wing and the red feather tracts on the face are a couple of physical characteristics that help differentiate this macaw from the Scarlet Macaw. These two species are often confused one with the other as they can look very similar. There are many other differences which are quite noticeable once you become more familiar with the two species. I have seen published books where the Greenwinged Macaw is misrepresented as a Scarlet. This is undoubtedly due to the relatively new presence of this species in the pet market. Scarlet Macaws have been in the pet trade and the public eye for much longer. Another less noticeable difference is the red color of the two species. The Greenwing Macaw is a crimson red, whereas the Scarlet Macaw is a more orange red color. The eyes are dark when they're babies and pale silver/yellow as adults. The Greenwing Macaw was also imported into the U.S. in different sizes. Most breeders refer to the largest ones as jumbo or giant Greenwings.

This is a large bird and requires a large living space. As with most macaws, simply putting them in a rod iron cage with some toys is not going to be enough stimulation. Be creative! Maybe before you buy, plan an outside habitat and create lots of climbing opportunities. Remember that both lateral and vertical movement is important. Make space for a cage and a play area. Greenwing Macaws are “the gentle giants” of the macaw world and very steady when handled properly. Because Baby greenwings eat a ton, and the weaning time can be 4 to 6 months, They are more than worth the extra money they cost. See baby parrot availablility | Greenwing | Check here for babies:    parrots for sale