Macaws in California

We keep and breed our macaws in large outdoor aviaries year round in California. Above are scrolling Ideas on how to keep your macaw outdoors.

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Blue gold macaw California


Please send all inquiries to:

Come See My Birds! I'm located in Agoura Hills, California 91301. I'm a breeder and a handler

of all large macaws. Here at my family business (Tire Man) I have some of my most beautiful

pet macaws on display in an open garden setting. If you are not familiar with these large

parrots, but thinking about getting one as a pet, it would be wise to come see them in person. If

you live in Southern California your invited to come anytime Mon.- Sat between 7:30am-

4:30pm. (business Hours) The birds would love some peanuts (which I usually have on hand)

and the attention. The address here is 28115 Dorothy Dr. Agoura Hills, Ca. 91301... Map it!

If you don't live in California or just want to see some pictures of my macaws visit

Macaology/ picture blog located on this website.

Macaws in California

Pet Macaw Availability

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This is Charley an 8 yr. old B&G macaw male. He has come to me by way of a good friend who knew I was looking for a mature B&G macaw. Eventually he will become part of my breeding program but I like my breeders to be able to rest and come out of their flights during the off season if possible so he is out on the walkabouts getting some R&R and the lay of the land. He was hand-fed and belonged to a young girl for 6 years of his life and was grouped with other macaws for another 2 years. He was well taken care off but does have some nuerotic issues we will be working on. It appears he started plucking the feathers on the top bend of both wings but since he has been here new feathers are growing back and he seems to be leaving them alone. He is quite fearful when I approach him but he will step up for peanuts :) that's promising. Here you can see his eyes are wide open, nape and head feathers are raised, and wings are pulled away from his body... he is showing fear and a defensive posture. Pretty normal as this is one of his first pictures and is pobably leary of the camera. I will place another picture of him where he is eating and not feeling threatened at all .... a much more relaxed posture.

Blue gold, scarlet macaw, breeders

outdoor_aviary.JPG I have a- reluctant to breed- pair of Scarlet macaws with 4 eggs in the nest. Two are fertile! The 10 ft tall aviary apparently gives them the privacy/security they needed.